Stephen King on Marriage

On Page 275 In a marriage, words are like rain. And the land of a marriage is filled with dry washes and arroyos that can become raging rivers in almost the wink of an eye. The therapists believe in talk, but most of them are either divorced or queer. It’s silence that is a marriage’s best friend. Silence….

Stephen King on Creativity

On Page 230 Creativity is like a hand at the end of your arm. But a hand has many fingers, doesn’t it?” “Well, at least five.” “Think of those fingers as abilities. A creative person may write, paint, sculpt, or think up math formulae; he or she might dance or sing or play a musical…

Unread Quote: Everything’s Eventual

This is a quote that I came across in the book I’m reading currently  – Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King. It’s quotes like these that make the book a much more interesting read. This is one of King’s first collection of short stories in the horror genre.    

Reviewed – On Writing by Stephen King

Being a Nicholas Sparks fan that I am, I was wandering through his personal website  one evening when I came across this section ‘Advice for Writers‘… Dropping everything that I was doing, I set out to reading it. I found it worth my time as Sparks has listed and recommended some books that will help…