Long did she stare at the books
Beyond shiny glasses
Reluctant to enter those massive aisles
Just not so capable of holding herself back
From stealing a copy or two
Wishing for the hundredth time
That she had the money to buy a few

The last time, she entered a shop
She’d glanced around quickly
Picked up a tiny copy of her favorite
Poe poems
And stuffed it under her frock
Tucking it away hastily in her petticoat

But she hadn’t escaped
the grumpy owner’s gaze
The book snatched
Insults slammed
And she was grabbed by the wrist
And led out of the shop
What a shame!

With tears and heightened craving
For her most beloved possession
She had left
So much for loving books

Staring beyond glasses
She satiates her hunger for the stories
and the words  galore
Not daring to enter those pristine
Bookshops any more



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Ste J says:

    That would be terrible, to not get hold of books, to be able to delight in the words and images they produce, I confess to the temptation of half inching a book myself on the odd occasion, luckily for the owner I had no petticoat with which to secrete it in haha.

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    1. Asha says:

      Hi J. Such a pleasure. How you doing bud? Well, I happened to witness the girl who the story is based on. I couldn’t map her pain nor her helplessness. I was little about 6 something. That’s where the story stems from. I wish no one had to ever crave for books.

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      1. Ste J says:

        I’m doing well, sorry I haven’t been in touch lately, my internet went down and i have been generally rubbish. I though it was all from your imagination but now this story make it all the more emotional. Books should be a right, thank goodness for libraries and also those of us willing to share.

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      2. Asha says:

        I wish I could find her and buy all the books she wants, probably lend her a few of mine. And yes, a bit of imagination too, here and there. But mostly, it was that incident.

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      3. Ste J says:

        I would chip in and send a few books as well, we are too kind, we should get a job handing out books, that’d be perfect.


      4. Asha says:

        Sure. It breaks my heart to see kids who want to read being held back due to monetary reasons. It’s sad.

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      5. Ste J says:

        It is books should be a right!

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  2. Anupam says:

    Powerful and poignant poem this was. And yeah, reading from the conversation, I must agree that this should not happen to any lover of books. Very nicely etched, the poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Asha Seth says:

      Thank you, Anupam. I believe so too. The protagonist of the poem deeply mirrors what all booklovers have in common – the love for the written word. And each one of us deserves it, one way or the other.
      Happy to have you over. What can I serve?


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