And I am done…

The past few months, I was a lot into audiobooks. It’s amazing how easily you get addicted to something. Especially when it falls in your line of interest. Just plug the earphones and there you are listening to a voice doing the manual reading of the book for you while you engage yourself in several other tasks simultaneously. and have hoards of best quality audiobooks for you. That’s where I got most of my audiobooks. The first book that I’d audio-read was The Great Gatsby and this I must confess, that more than the prose,  the characters or anything else, it was the voice of the reader that kept me glued to the story till the end.

Image Credit: Google Images
Image Credit: Google Images

Yes, it did get tiring and more than once, I felt my ears were on the verge of bleeding  but then I learnt you could have voice crushes for people you may never get to know or meet. More on the voice-crush bit later.

About audio-books, I wonder how many of us really like to read books that way. I was once addicted to it, now, I no more find it impressive. Mostly because I fail to keep up with the stories as my concentration strays quite frequently. And so I am back to just picking up a book and devouring the author’s thoughts oozing through the pages. I may or may not get back to audiobooks but for now, I am done with it.

For those of you, who love a voice reading out a book to you, is a fantastic place to download audiobooks. Check it out!



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  1. Ste J says:

    I have the same problem, losing concentration and my place in an audio book, the world is too distracting with so many things to see and do. Then there are some of the narrators who have really monotonous voices as well. With a book in my hand I can fully focus and be consumed into magical worlds and times.

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    1. Asha says:

      Precisely, my thought too.

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  2. Audiobooks demand much more of our concentration than paper books.

    I had interest in it a few years ago( i even fantasize nowadays about listening to lectures), but maintaining focus is much more difficult. Real books are much more accommodating in that respect.

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    1. Asha says:

      Focus is a difficult thing to trap, really.


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