UnRead Quote: The Sense of an Ending

“I certainly believe we all suffer damage,
one way or another. How could we not, except
in a world of perfect parents, siblings,
neighbors, companions? And then there is
the question, on which so much depends, of
how we react to the damage: whether we
admit it or repress it, and how this affects
our dealings with others.
Some admit the damage, and try to mitigate it;
some spend their lives trying to help others who are
damaged; and then there are those whose
main concern is to avoid further damage to
themselves, at whatever cost. And those are
the ones who are ruthless, and the ones to
be careful of.”

      – Julian Barnes


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  1. Cărți și călătorii says:

    I’ve read it, too, and now I’ve just finished Cafe au lait, his short stories about France…


    1. Asha says:

      Wow! Great! How did you find the short-stories?


      1. Cărți și călătorii says:

        They’re mostly about English people who go to visit or live in France in various periods and about their eccentricities as perceived by the locals. Barnes is usually ironic when it comes to the differences between the English and the French and I even found some great paragraphs in Gnossienne, where he makes fun of snobbish critics and journalists. 🙂

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      2. Asha says:

        Well, this is the only Barnes book Ive read so far but the one you named sounds intriguing too. Might give it a try.


      3. Cărți și călătorii says:

        I also hold ”Love, etc.”, but I can’t read it yet, because it’s the sequel to another novel I haven’t got. So I’ve put it on hold for now.

        Some say Julian Barnes is overrated, but if you like it, go ahead and read it. 🙂 And I’m curious what you’d write about it. 🙂


      4. Asha says:

        Sure, I’m yet to review ‘TSOAE’. But soon. I quite liked this book. But then of course, you can never say about other books from the same author.

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