Book Review – First You Plz by Nisha Thakur

** spoiler alert ** This review contains spoilers.

My Review: ★

This book, received as a complimentary copy was read and reviewed for the author.

It was only after reading this book that I realized how much that quote from Franz Zappa stands true.
So Many Books. So little Time.

I think, now swear, that we should really be picky about reading only those books that deserve our valued time and not anything that comes our way. Until now I haven’t much thought about reading and reviewing debut novels but this book certainly puts my perspective to question.

I guess, I must have absolutely lost my mind when I almost forced myself to read this book after the author asked me to have it reviewed.

I wasted, trashed, almost an hour of my time. But for once, I am thankful to the author for keeping it as short as 100 some pages. More than once, I swallowed the urge to hurl it right out of sight for the poor quality, consistent annoying grammar errors, cheap vocabulary and out-of-place tenses.
I was pretty surprised how the book got published at the first place. Were the editors and publishers blind to the apparent mistakes all through the book?

I know I am not shedding light on the story. Hell, there isn’t a story to talk. Its just a below average tried-to-made-look-sweet love story. The dialogues made me want to be sick, and that was often. It was obvious the author tried really hard to stick the annoying characters together all the time with some super-annoying friends lurking around them to be of whatever nonsensical help they can be.

I guess, I should shut up now!
In my journey so far with reading and reviewing, this is first time I have marked a book a stinker review. I cant help to be otherwise.

I so want to but just cannot bring myself to give credits to the author for her work. Hell, what am I even thinking? Had it been a fifth grader’s work, I’d have brought myself to be understanding.

I just don’t think anyone deserves to waste their precious time and hence, I am not going to recommend it to anyone, not even my dog.

Wait one second, did I just say my dog? Gosh, well, that’s the after-read effects of a totally pathetic book.

What truly mocks me is that some readers have gone so far as to rate the book five stars. I mean, were they drunk or simply stupidly being charitable toward the author?

-Asha Seth

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ste J says:

    Haha, fantastic, I like it when you go on a rant…Can you do the first Fifty Shades next…I know you did the last one in the trilogy before and it got a strangely high score but it seems you hate the first…


    1. Asha says:

      LOL! Yes, I enjoy that side of me too since its not always I down-rate books like that. I absolutely hated the first and the third Fifty shades books. Second was still okay.
      Since you mentioned, I realized that I had actually reviewed the first book on Goodreads. I will post a blog here soon.
      I have been meaning to review the last Fifty Shade book for months since few other reader-friends like yourself had also asked me to. Shall do it by this weekend, hopefully, if I am not reading-drowned.


  2. Ste J says:

    I look forward to it my friend…I do enjoy a good bit of abuse…it makes me happy of a weekend lol. I do hope you get some reading done as well though for reading is the best way to sane..sane-ish..


    1. Asha says:

      I did the post J. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am reading Murder on the Orient Express. Such a bliss it is to come back to light-headed mysteries. Trying to be sane at the same time by not being boggled by all the desk-demands. Reading is the best escape.


      1. Ste J says:

        Fantastic I shall be seeking it out in a few minutes my friend…I am proud of you for bothering to go back and relive all those memories hehe. At classic Christie that is, a good murder mystery is always a pleasure especially after a crap day at work…or a day with Mr grey lol.


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