Reviewed – Six Years by Harlen Coben

I sat in the back pew and watched the only woman I would ever love marry another man.
and begins the almost heart-breaking tale of Jake Fisher.

Its been Six years since that day in the church when Jake Fisher watches Natalie Avery, his love, marry Todd Sanderson, her ex. Six years since he’s been struggling to live life without her, with the torturing thoughts that left him dumbstruck; when on the wedding day Natalie whispered to him – Promise me, Jake. Promise me you’ll leave us alone.”

Six years later. Jake stumbles across an obituary. It is Todd’s obituary. Jake cannot suppress the flicker of hope that arises on seeing the obituary. With the hope of seeing her again, he plans to pay his respects to Todd and visits his funeral.

It is only at the funeral, will he know that Todd was never married to Natalie, the widow he finds at the funeral was married to Todd for over a decade. Then where is Natalie? Why did she lie to him? And the wedding? And where was she all these years? Was she alive or dead? And the promise she so forced him to make – Leave us alone, what did it suggest? Was there a deadly secret to all of this?

Jake embarks on a journey where he unearths secrets dark and dangerous that start to make the whole thing sound real creepy. Everyone Jake meets, they not only lie to him but also fail to recognize him. The web of mysteries and the task of finding Natalie Avery is left for Jake alone to figure and solve.

What I liked about the book is how brilliantly the characters are portrayed and described in the story. Less characters with strong roles made it much easier to keep in track with the flow of the plot unlike most other mystery books which have loads of characters to remember. The gaps built are beautifully filled in by the author, and that doesn’t leave ends loose. The story is much successful in keeping the reader from making a guess-work of what the end might be. You just cant predict what’s going to happen next instant and I guess, that’s what kept me drowned neck-deep into the book till wee hours in the morning just to get over the growing state of anxiety.

A story best written Coben style. An absolutely mind-blowing page-turner. A mystery that will totally engulf you.


If you happen to read it or have already read it, do share your thoughts below.

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  1. Ste J says:

    I’ve not read any Coben as of yet, I may have to stick some on the list…how are you, haven’t seen you around for a while?


    1. Asha says:

      Hey J. Missed you! Yes, I haven’t been around lately. Was travelling. How’ve you been?
      This is one fantastic book you must read if you like mystery but then who doesnt?
      It was my first book of Coben’s and trust me I regret not having read his books earlier.
      I can share the ebook, if the book interests the kind of eclectic reader that you are!
      What have you been reading? I need to catch up with your reviews. Soon. Soon.

      Its lovely here, its been pouring since early morning. How is it where you are based?



      1. Ste J says:

        The weather here is the trademark overcast that I know and tolerate lol. I hope for a change for the better soon. Recently, I’m ashamed to say I have read nothing but am looking to rectify that really soon with more eclectic books for your delight.


  2. Ste J says:

    I am not a fan of eBooks, I am to traditional for all that modern tech.

    Rural places are always great for a break, a recharge of the batteries and quite possibly some inspiration for future blog posts. The horror was old, not really horror anymore but an interesting read into the origins of the genre…it is called The Castle of Otranto, the original Gothic fiction story.

    At the moment I am on a bit of a roll with writing and reading, I will enjoy the ride as long as I can before I fall off…I think that was some sort of poor surfing metaphor. We English are so adapted to rain that we hardly notice it these days but I will try and remember the umbrella at some point lol!


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