Crazy Reading!

When does reading get crazy?

Is it when you do hell lot of reading or you do no reading at all?

Image Credit: Google Images
Image Credit: Google Images

Ideally, you would say when you do a lot of reading, immersed in pages and letters hour after hour, almost drowned in books to an extent such that everywhere you see you find pages floating in the air, voices of characters are lingering around you, you are wandering in the places described in the book, clenching your teeth at the annoying antagonists, that’s when you call it crazy reading.

With me, its a little different.

I call it crazy reading when I am not being able to read.

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I define it like this.
When I complete a book in more than two days, when I struggle to find time to finish a continuing paragraph, when I manage to finish only a few lines in day, when I cannot be glued to books, and worst even, when I fall asleep reading.

Now that, for  me, is crazy reading. Because it drives me crazy. To an extent that I start swearing in my head at people around me. I am sort-of yelling to be left alone only not loud enough and no one hears me. Great!

And it is exactly something I have been doing. The regular schedule restricts my reading to only as much as a few lines in a day. A DAY. Did I just say ONE WHOLE DAY??!!

There has to be a way-around this. And didn’t somebody say that crazy people are not supposed to left around loose. God save them.



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  1. StetotheJ says:

    Sounds like a bibliophile’s hell my friend, at least you are getting a few lines in. Have you tried feigning illness to stay in bad, it’s a classic but it just may work…


    1. Asha says:

      Well, its just got true and couldn’t get better, J.
      I am down with fever and its derivatives and am at home in bed..pretending a lot more than it actually is. Do not want mum to take advantage of the situation and load me with other work. Enjoying reading Behind Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo!


      1. StetotheJ says:

        Good for you! Not with the illness but making it seem worse than it is. You deserve some quality time with the books, long may you rest in bed enveloping yourself in wonderful words.


      2. Asha says:

        Doing just that.. Enjoying the rainy weather with a nice warm book. What else do book-lovers need!


  2. StetotheJ says:

    A duvet to hide under and a torch so you can get really immersed. A drink to keep hydrated during the exciting bits and some peace and quiet….then let the bliss begin.


    1. Asha says:

      Awesome. That must be heaven.


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