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So I am back into the Dickens’ Mode. This is the second Dickens’ novel that I started to read, A Tale of Two Cities being the first.


A Tale of Two Cities is, well, everyone knows what it is like. I absolutely loved it. Is there one person who hasn’t read it yet? I don’t think there is. But even if you haven’t, well, you MUST read it. So, I started reading Little Dorrit as a part of the Celebrating Dickens Challenge hosted by The Classics Club. Although, the challenge starts the first of February, since I had nothing else to read(an over-exaggerated impossibility), I started with the challenge a week prior itself.

Just past the preface as yet. I am going to wait and see how I like it.
Have you read it? How did you like it?

-A Book-Lover 🙂


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  1. StetotheJ says:

    It was a good book, it did seem a bit predictable though, or maybe that was just me. Having said that correctly guessing the end just made the fate they coundn’t escape seem more powerful


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