A Matter of Choice

I am a reader. An avid-reader. Though I have a peculiar taste for reading, yet I read almost anything from fiction to biographies, from cooking to gardening, from business to academics, from horror to romance, spiritual to science etc…. Well, is there anything I missed??
And who doesn’t? Right since the time we wake up in the morning, we spend our time reading a bit of this and a bit of that.


We almost drown ourselves in the morning newspapers. While we travel, we read across various street-side hoardings and banners. While at work, we read bulletin-board articles and glance through magazines. We almost consume the emails that we receive and revert to each day, and there are some people like me who believe that even the few minutes of the evening tea-break is meant for indulging in reading activities and grab a book as soon as they find time to spare. So realistically, we spend a good amount of our lives reading. I mean, practically everyone experiences this all the time. And quite honestly, if someone who denies this and pretends otherwise then I’d say ‘Wake up’!

So while I eat, drink, think, sleep, nap, write, talk and do almost everything alongside reading, I often have to change the means I use for reading. Mostly, it’s the paper-books I use, but sometimes I have to change it to either audio-books or e-books. For instance, while at work I prefer sticking by an e-book. While amidst crowded trains, I stick by audio-books to keep myself from reckless commotion. While in bed, I read through a paper-book as it soothes my eye and gives me the benefit of falling asleep cuddling the book. Similarly, all of us who are book-lovers and avid-readers have different tales about their reading habits and choices. But does it really matter whether it is an e-book or audio-book or a paper-book? What is important is ultimately it serves the purpose. I love to read and either of those means quench my thirst for reading.

While I prefer paper-books over the other forms of books available, I do not find it justified to conduct a debate over the most preferred choice which of course varies from person to person. But I still heartily feel that if a poll has to be conducted considering readers’ point of view on the subject, Paper-books  would emerge as a winner with a large margin of votes from their supporters leaving e-books and audio-books far behind.

– A Book-Lover 🙂


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  1. A.M.B. says:

    As you say, one version isn’t necessarily better than another, but everyone will have their individual preferences. My preference is now for ebooks because of the efficiency and convenience it offers (storing tons of books without using up valuable space, being easy to carry around, allowing me to highlight passages without marring the actual book, and allowing me to search for keywords). There will always be a place for traditional books and people who love them, but in my house, they’ve been largely reduced to art that we see but don’t touch. It pains me a bit to say that, as a person who loves history and artifacts, but that’s how I feel these days.


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