A Warm Welcome

Dear friends and fellow-bloggers!

This is my first post in my blog Books  & Beyond.

It was a couple of months ago when I started blogging.
Until now I haven’t much explored the side of me that is a writer(wait a minute, did I just call myself a writer?). Well, according to me every person who picks up a pen starts writing down is a writer. No one is perfect. But we should always be willing to face the other side of the coin that says ‘Trial & Errors’. So we should be open to trying new things leaving the fear of attempting behind. It is always the first step that makes you courageous. So far my experience has beckoned me to write and keep writing. So I request to all those out there who are skeptical about writing or should I say writing good, to take that one step that makes all the difference. Step into writing and experience the difference.

I have been blogging on http://ashaseth.wordpress.com writing about my regular experiences and similar things which comprises mostly about books.

It was time, I thought that I singled out on writing about books by creating
an individual blog altogether. Where I share my love for books. Where I write on the books I read, I have read and wish to read. Where I call out to all those bloggers who share similar taste for books. Where I discuss nothing but books. Hence, I named my blog ‘Books & Beyond- All about books‘!

Here’s, a warm welcome to all those book-lovers, readers & writers, authors, book-addicts, avid-readers, book-reviewers like me to join me and share their experiences in the world of books and reading.

A Book-Lover 🙂


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